Turnkey Silicon Valley Innovation. GSVlabs helps an organization encode innovation into its DNA and turn disruptive technology into an opportunity, rather than a threat.

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We're here to help. Whether you're having issues with Presence or you have a great idea for a new feature. We want to hear about it. Seriously. Blue Line ...

BidOps tracks and measures your supplier performance, allowing leading buyers to reward ROI-driving technology and sustainable innovations. Sealed Bids - Complies ...

The Global Silicon Valley Handbook. A fun, yet factual guide to thrive not only in Silicon Valley, but in the emerging Global Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has ...

GSV is a modern merchant bank. We identify, advise, invest in, and accelerate the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world... the Stars of Tomorrow.

ASI brings Africa's most promising entrepreneurs with the most successful entrepreneurs in the world for personalized non-traditional entrepreneurial training for one ...

GSV Capital (NASDAQ: GSVC) is a publicly traded investment fund that seeks to identify and invest in rapidly growing, late stage, venture capital-backed private ...

Accelerate innovation,Learn about disruptive technologies & emerging trends from source. High tech tours to Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, AirBnB and more.

TED Talk: Getting Back to Work After a Career Break More than a million people have watched this timely video

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by Eilif Trondsen The article defines, describes and analyzes innovation outposts that large companies have set up in Silicon Valley--and provides the context for ...