12/3/2012 · Here I do a comparison video between the CCI Blazer .22LR, CCI Quiet-22LR, and the CCI .22 Short ammunition to demonstrate how they compare in noise levels. ...

Ultra-quiet plinking round in 22-caliber LR rifles; ... CCI Ammo dealer nearest you. Search by City and State. Enewsletter. Become a member of our seasonal

3/15/2012 · whats the quiet'est 22lr ammo? Discussion in ' ... Raccoon, etc, easily with a Ruger 10-22 or 22lr handguns, using subsonic ammo. CCI CB Long's, ...

9/4/2012 · My opinion of the Aguila Super Colibri .22 LR ammo. This ammo is far quieter that the sub-sonic that most people think of when they talk about quiet .22 ammo...

The Quiet-22, of course, ... Regular high velocity in the suppressed 22 are VERY quiet. The “Quiet” ammo makes virtually NO sound when used in a suppressed weapon.

12/29/2011 · December 29th, 2011 New ‘Quiet-22′ Rimfire Ammo from CCI — Just 68 dB of Noise. How would you like to be able to shoot a rimfire rifle or pistol that only makes 25% as much noise as a standard .22 LR gun?

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6/16/2013 · This is a discussion on Warning: CCI Quiet .22LR Ammo, Not So Quiet within the Ammo Dump forums, ... When he shoots the Quiet .22 ammo, it …

The innovative new Quiet-.22 from CCI enables the shooter to get the quiet of a silencer’s report without having to buy a silencer covered by the NFA of 1934.

CENTERFIRE. From the standard to the unique, these high-quality rounds consistently hit dead center and cycle flawlessly — giving shooters the Aguila advantage.

9/9/2006 · I've recently heard about 22 caliber amunition that fires silently. The person that witnessed the ammo being used couldn't remember make or name of

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Hush: It’s CCI’s Quiet .22. ... While subsonic .22 LR ammunition—ammo with a muzzle velocity of less than about 1,100 fps—has been available for a long time, ...

10/3/2005 · I have shot some of this Brazillian .22 ammo that contains no powder and shoots the 20-grain lead bullet by ignition of the primer only. ...

7/3/2010 · I need some real quiet ammo for the P22 to dispatch some chipmunks out of the wood pile. Other than the Mexican junk, who knows if there is a quiet .22

Although there is a great deal of disagreement on which guns and what type of ammo ... The Silent .22 Round That’s Quieter Than ... Have you shot either the 22 ...

Home Handgun Russian Silent Ammunition Russian Silent Ammunition. May 29, ... yes, the newer silent ammo is much better. ... 22 am Back about 15 years ...

Ruger’s Integrally Suppressed Barrel assembly for the 10/22 takedown.

Catalog of Aguila Ammunition products: specialty .22 ammo like Super Colibri and Sniper SubSonic - SSS, 12ga minishells in buckshot and slugs, and innovative IQ hollowpoints in 9mm, .45 ACP (Auto), and .40 S&W.